Quitting smoking


Sarajevo Tobacco Factory is making maximum efforts to produce cigarettes that besides providing a true pleasure, above all, preserve the health of its consumers.


Modern equipment for the manufacture of cigarettes, tobacco, and global quality raw materials, excellent facilities and above all, skilled human resources have contributed to the launch of cigarette smoking and its design features meet all world standards and limits possibilities of influencing the preservation of public health.




Quitting and quitting smoking are one of the most relevant issue today. It is known that in the world there are many methods to help quit smoking. Name just a few of them: acupuncture, patches, gum, sprays, meditation and one of the most important prerequisite is to have a strong will to stop smoking.


Nicorette gum and patches

Nicorette gum to help quit smoking by reducing the unpleasant feeling of having to inhalation of tobacco smoke that occurs when you stop smoking. The ideal tool for quitting smoking for people who occasionally and irregularly spent cigarettes. Nicorette Patches are applied to different parts of the body and its main function is to satisfy the need for nicotine, which occurs during withdrawal.


Sistem4 method

Sistem4 method is the use of special filters that prevent the introduction of nicotine and tar in the body. Filter contains a separate condenser, where the passage of smoke, tar and nicotine reserves.


NO CIG-spray

This product is designed to help people free themselves of nicotine addiction. Cig-No spray was applied under the tongue and is designed to be used at any time you feel the need for a cigarette. The ingredients in the spray satisfy the need for nicotine, which occurs at critical moments during the quitting process.




Quitting smoking is a process in which the smoker to gradually acquire new habits and learning how to survive as a non-smoker. The decision to stop smoking has to be solid and well founded. Smoker who wants to stop smoking usually uses the following three methods:

- Smoking too many cigarettes in order to develop an aversion to smoking (not recommended because it may cause interference and interruption in the heart and lungs)

- Reducing the number of cigarettes per day (an inefficient method because it reduces the number of cigarettes prolong the agony of smokers)

- Leaving smoking once (best solution)


People who can not give up smoking are recommended:

- Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked

- Reduced fed tobacco smoke

- Reject at least one third of cigarettes

- Smoking cigarettes with lower nicotine and tar content.


Aloud to the end of the lint-smoking does not exist, but if you already can not get rid of this dangerous to the health needs, choose quality cigarettes will be the extent possible to preserve your health.